Submissions to the Blog

I definitely don’t want this blog to just be about me and my limited knowledge for the masses. If you have any posts/post ideas you’d like to submit to be featured on my blog, don’t hesitate to submit. I’m currently open to accepting any post submissions that cover any of these topics in any way (remembering that this is a black women centered space):

  • Black womanhood
  • Black women’s Self-care
  • Black women and relationships (family/friend/love)
  • Black women popular culture
  • Black women and Mental health
  • Being a Black Christian
  • College/graduate experience
  • Black literature/Black writers
  • Personal Development

You do not have to be a have your own blog to submit an idea for a post. If you do have a blog, please include a link to your blog, and be sure to include a short blurb about you. You can include what it is that you do, what your blog is about, your credentialed expertise, etc. Also, include your social media links so readers have a way to connect with you after they read your post.

Check out the #TalesofAcademicInsecurities submissions series about dealing with imposter syndrome. Click here to learn more. Currently accepting submissions!

Official Submissions should be sent to

Have an idea for a post you want me to write?

You can also send a submission for any ideas you have for topics you would like to see me to write about on this blog. There isn’t much of a requirement for this, just send over anything you would like for me to talk about and I can make that happen. Again, do keep in mind the scope of this blog. Though, I’m not opposed to stepping outside of business as usual from time to time as I see appropriate. So, let me know.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Me.