“It Be Ya Own People…” on Howard and Tyrone the Scammer

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OH HOWARD. Here we go again. First of all, let me shout out my Twitter homegirl @BlkSocWithQTNA  for suggesting that I write this post and giving me the idea for the first half of this title. Cuz really, it be ya own people. 

Now, let me say that it’s absolute BS to tell me “This happens at PWIs all the time” as a response to this foolishness at Howard. Yalls obsession with absolving HBCUs of responsibility is precisely why we’re still suffering at their hands. Yall sit back while administrations are pissing on our backs, suggesting that it’s merely raining. Unacceptable.

My pushback to this is simple. We’re running around yelling at the top of our lungs about how the HBCUs are the best choices for our folk. We suggest that HBCUs take greater care of our whole well being and lead us to a milk and honey promised land. And all this because we’re supposed to be unified by an ancestral struggle. Is there a reason why we do not simultaneously hold them to a standard and demand that they deliver? I’m confuzzled. Don’t tell me about what the PWI is doing. That’s insulting.

Deifying the HBCU experience leads to this kind fanaticism that gets nothing accomplished. If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know I’ve been on the receiving end of HBCU Financial Aid fuckery. So I’m thinking about this situation as a student who has been told: “we don’t have any money” when money was definitely supposed to be allocated for you to receive. I’m not gonna give an HBCU a pass for further stepping on the backs of marginalized folk.

I just wanna be clear on how I feel about that.

But to step off my soapbox,

Tyrone the Scammer at Howard secured the bag




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Where (clap) they (clap) do (clap) that (clap) at (more claps). (Howard apparently)


I’m still trying to wrap my head around why this young man thought this was the way to do this. In 2017, my resolution was to walk through life with the confidence of a mediocre white man. But baybee, I wanna finish out 2018 with a bang. Lord grant me the confidence of Tyrone the scammer. Please and thanks. He was just so extra and so deadass wrong.

I talked before on my blog about the culture of fear I felt characterized my previous HBCU experience. Everybody wanted me to keep my mouth shut about niggas dragging tf out of my life and well being.

I’m grateful that this came out how it did.

I wanna thank Black Twitter for these ridiculous ass memes and for breaking the news to me in the first place. Here again, we see the power of social media. The way they dug up that dude’s social media with the quickness and dragged him for filth in like 2 seconds after the story broke. I. LIVE.

This took me out:

Tyrone bag secured


After the story broke, Howard students ran up on administration singing “Bitch Better Have My Money” and I was totally here for it.

If you’d like to stay tuned on what’s happening over there at Howard, follow @HUResist on Twitter. They occupied administration buildings for 9 days with demands that you can find here. After 9 days they were able to get a breakthrough with the Howard administration. The Washington Post covered this story. They have really been doing strategic organizing at Howard since way before this story broke. If you’d like to support them, you can donate to them via PayPal. 


HBCUs can and will be great as long as the people will stop plugging their ears while screaming “bla bla bla” every time we have a grievance and a suspicion.





2 thoughts on ““It Be Ya Own People…” on Howard and Tyrone the Scammer

  1. Black Twitter ripped him to SHREDS and I cried from laughter. However dude had some nerve trying to sue. We will see how that goes.

    • Listen. I was almost in tearsss. Like we all know he didn’t pull this off by himself but a little humility on his part would go a longer way. As long as he out here flexing and playing with people, the people shall continue to roast him with no mercy.

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