I Buy Sushi With My Food stamps

So here are my jumbled thoughts on this trivial shit about people on food stamps:

I’m confused as to why so many of you feel like being people in poverty need to be raw food vegans. Playing like their health is what matters to you but still don’t want them to be able to buy anything too good. Excuse me because I want to buy supermarket sushi while you can afford to go to the sushi buffet. You’re mad that you have to buy $200 groceries on $60k budget while my govt food allowance on a federal poverty budget is somehow messing with the organic turning of planet earth.

So Let Me Get This Straight

People are out there punching 6 figure clocks while their employer buys them lunch every single day. But sure, be mad because a bitch like me wanna shop at Whole Foods and Publix with my EBT. Those in the world of “put it on the company card” will be the same people whose senators want don’t want children to have healthcare. But by all means, buying crab legs with government dollars is what’s wrong with America.

You’re mad because someone who makes $15k wants to eat something not akin to prison slop but you would never trade places. Do you know what kind of quality of life you have at $15k??? When I was in Atlanta suffering at the hands of the black bourgeoisie, I didn’t even make $15k. I was paying rent that I often needed loans or handouts to make. Didn’t even know I could get food stamps until after I lost 15 pounds on a stress diet.

Food stamps Saved My Black Life

When food stamps finally afforded me the opportunity to buy the $7 bottle of Martinelli’s Apple Juice life was litt. (Best apple juice on the planet). Yes, I was hype to buy a spicy salmon avocado roll for the first time in months. And no, I wasn’t gonna eat fucking apples every day so the rest of the world could feel better about the luxuries their salaries afford because they did things “the right way”. I was a PhD student living in absolute poverty. Still, I had parents back home I could pack shit up and defer to even though one parent was unemployed and the other was between jobs.

But what about the people without the opportunity to just pack up and go live with mommy? It takes tedious planning, possible optimism, and strength for it not to feel like a struggle all the time. But you, my friend, are upset because there are 4 types of meat on a food stamp dinner table tonight. And I see yall who be chatting about people with stocked fridges courtesy of food stamps. You the same one running up in their house to eat their Fruity Pebbles every weekend.

Just mind your business.



2 thoughts on “I Buy Sushi With My Food stamps

  1. Yesss! So glad you wrote about this. I’ve never been on food stamps but I’ve had a friend (who was white with two kids) be on food stamps and he’d purchase food at Whole Foods. Back then, I was in college and knew little to nothing about food stamps. I was shocked he was able to use it at Whole Foods. He told me something so very true. He wanted to spend the money on healthy food for his kids instead of feeding them junk food.

    It’s crazy how people just assume that since you’re using food stamps you should put junk in your body. Doing that will only make you sick over time and then they complain about you not taking care of yourself. It’s a vicious cycle where the person trapped in it can never win. No matter what, someone will eventually put their two cents in.

    I’ve actually had people tell me on more than one occasion that I spend too much on food and should buy cheaper items, which mind you contains tons of chemicals. I think not. I rather spend more money now and stay healthy than eat cheaper items and be sick all the time with high blood pressure and whatnot. People are steady complaining about others being in their business but are the first one to put their two cents in where it’s not wanted. Eat what you want! That money is yours even if it was “given to you.” You can do what you want with it.

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