Blogging: The Gift That Keeps Giving

2017 is the year I started this here blog and I’ve been loving it ever since. Blogging has brought me so much joy and opportunities and litt connections with wonderful people. On this day before Christmas, I must reflect and appreciate this as a gift. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Blogging has returned me to Twitter: Where I belong

I’m thinking one day someone who wants to employ me is going to stumble upon my tweets and consider me as ridiculous as I truly am in my daily life. I’m totally okay with that. Take me as I am dammit!

Twitter profile photo

Twitter is an amazing place for blackademics like myself. If you haven’t already, check out the #blkgradlife hashtag and get your life. If you’re wondering who to follow, I got you.

2. Blogging = Therapy

Okay, not really. Don’t run and tell your therapist you no longer need their services cuz you finna start blogging.

But seriously,

When I wrote On Usher, Why I’m Leaving My HBCU, Me Too, and No I Won’t Teach You How to Love, these were purely me needed to get something off my chest and share it with other people. The validation of your comments have helped me greatly in dealing with those moments.

3. Encouraging personal messages about my content


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Like these:

“Hey Patrice! Just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog a bunch this past week and it’s awesome. Seriously, I’m impressed with the quality and raw authenticity and the topics you write about are super informative and important… I’m loving these posts and please keep them coming…. I didn’t want to enjoy it in silence and not give you the proper recognition. What you do and write matter and people are always listening. So thanks for starting the conversation.” – Suzie

“I love reading your blog and FB posts because they inspire me to do better” – Sarah

“I just wanted to say that I absolutely love reading your blog. I think I’ve read most of what you post and you write with such heart that it’s soo easy to see how passionate and wonderful you are. I can relate to so many of the issues you write about…it’s becoming a real pleasure reading about your experiences. Keep them coming.” – Sumaira

And there are others, I just have to do better at keeping track of them. But I’ve told yall personally how much I appreciated the kind words. And I always remember.

My “For Colored Girls” post.


To everyone who had something to say about my post For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide and Not a Damn Soul Knows : This post truly changed my life.

I faced some things that I never put on paper before. So many encouraging comments and a couple of much needed check-ins followed. Many of you messaged me personally to express your gratitude about me talking about that stuff because you resonated with it so much. I was so overwhelmed with validation in the aftermath of publishing that post. Allowing the navigation of my mental health to become a transparent experience has helped solidify my voice. I know I got important shit to contribute to conversations and that’s a blessed thing to own.

Thank you to everyone.

Thank you to all my readers who check in week after week, even weeks I’m not talking about anything relevant. Thank you to my email subscribers who continue to read my email updates even though they appear once in a blue moon. You can also join the club.

Look out for a countdown @TheBoujee_Ratchademic instagram where I revisit your Top 5 favorite posts on this blog.




6 thoughts on “Blogging: The Gift That Keeps Giving

  1. Really enjoyed reading this, you write in a really engaging way lol. So glad I’ve found your blog now too because some of those blog post titles you dropped… 🔥🔥
    (and thanks for the plug about blackademics/#blkgradlife! Didn’t even know that was a thing)

  2. So glad to hear that your blog, in which you’ve informed and entertained so many, has also been a healthful resource for you as well! I want to thank you for writing about some of the most taboo topics as it pertains to black women. Thank you for providing a space for others to heal and most importantly, speaking your truth. So excited to keep up with your journey in 2018!

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