When Life Didn’t Give You Lemons, but You Still Have to Make Lemonade

A lot of shit went wrong these last couple weeks.

My birthday post didn’t happen because I didn’t get what I expected

My love life is in lowkey shambles

I’m pretty much going to have to retake a whole class

And I made some blunders at work that had my nerves bad.

Yes, I’m 24 now

So first, I had a whole post planned out to talk about my birthday, me transitioning into my Kobe year, and showcasing some bomb ass pictures I took at a shoot. This didn’t go quite right. I was not thrilled with the end result. And I just don’t feel like I could have finessed it to my liking. That was a bummer.



My “love life”. (**Insert eyeroll**) I can’t deal with these #444 ass dudes and their way too late Confessions Part 2. Like, ima need somebody who is going to be completely cognizant of the fact that they have a PARTNER and not a wet nurse. Currently taking sugar daddy applications. Only.

I wanna be a REAL adult

I don’t wanna go into detail about what happened with the class, but just know I’m at a point where it was the nail in the coffin for me. Grad school had taken all the joy and light out of my life. Particularly this PhD stuff. I’ve just been so uninspired at several points in this journey. And all I see at my current position is a long list of people who barely have graduate degrees and are being flown out by their companies all expenses paid so they can “work” Like I said on FB: I want real coins and a real apartment that days I’m unmarried and fabulous, a real savings account, brunch, and spontaneous vacations. Real feelings….

Don’t be surprised if I don’t return to school next year. The sweet part of the story is, I have a potential teaching job lined up to fall back on.

Sis, take a nap.

Work, or my VISTA service rather, has actually been going well. It’s reaffirmed my faith in my abilities outside of being an academic. I just had my nerves twisted up when I realized I mistook one black man for a whole other black man, to non-black people. Which came out at a networking event.


Super uncute. My coworkers and director are actually really gracious people that allow me room to not be perfect. I’m still struggling with this. Lol.

Silver Lining

Yet with all of the crappiness that has been my life, I still have to keep pushing forward, pretending that this is lemonade I’m drinking and not piss water.

So in the spirit of taking shit in stride: Welcome to my 24th year. I like long walks, Booty rubs, and Hood N**gas. Unapologetically.

This is me.

This year has been about recalibrating, rebuilding, and reinventing. I’ve bounced back from some rough shit and here I am still standing in my ghetto booty glory. #StilliRise

A salute to the future waiting for me to walk into it. To the credit score I’m tryna get back, the waist size I’m tryna reclaim, and the prosperity ave I’m bout to walk on when I start living for real.

And I’m still cute enough to get free drinks at the bar. Hello 24.



21 thoughts on “When Life Didn’t Give You Lemons, but You Still Have to Make Lemonade

  1. I love your selfies. Sad to hear about the class and your love life, but luckily you have SO much life ahead of you. 🙂 And i FEEL YOU on opening up sugar daddy applications. Like, do i have any takers. Lol. YES for taking advantage of our youth and getting them free drinks!!! (Or other things, since i dont drink) Yes to credit scores, snatched waists, and rubber bands full of money! And I HOLLERED at booty rubs. Imma just leave it at that lol.

  2. Hello 24!!

    Happy belated birthday beautiful! As it was said above, you have SO much life ahead of you (something I have to remind myself of sometimes also)

    When we come to the realisation that nothing in this life is smooth-sailing we can begin to enjoy life wholly despite the unexpected setbacks, heartache and disappointment -we can see it as part of the process and just envision how SWEET things will be WHEN we come out on the other side.

    As hard as it is, embrace the screw-ups, remember when things that didn’t work out so that when you get to your place of promise you remain humbled and thankful. I truly believe that we have the ability to lead amazing lives and with the blessing of God-a life that we can’t even fathom.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again & I hope this is the beginning of what is about to be a groundbreaking year for you x

  3. “I can’t deal with these #444 ass dudes and their way too late Confessions Part 2”
    I DIED!!!

    Happy belated birthday beautiful!!!
    Congrats on the job!!! Every ‘set-back’ or disappointment is always a blessing in disguise- God got you!!!
    I’m so excited for you and even more excited to see what blogs you bless us with next year!
    Happy New Year in advance boo! x

  4. Hope you get some lemonade sis.
    And I hope if you do start working, its a job that makes you happy cause not all jobs with these benefits make ppl happy.
    I hope this new year is your Beyoncé “single ladies” year, bless up.

  5. I’m going to bookmark this and come back to it for my 24th birthday in August! This speaks to me on so many levels. School, job stuff, school boards, pro bono hours etc. They have all been trying me and my nerves in so many ways and on so many levels this year!!!! Thank you for once again being so open and vulnerable with us– this is what we need as inspiration going into 2018!

  6. “So in the spirit of taking shit in stride: Welcome to my 24th year. I like long walks, Booty rubs, and Hood N**gas. Unapologetically.” That line made me smile. I love your honesty! I applaud you for starting to live! Start now. And enjoy every second it!

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