Feeling Uninspired: A #PersonalPattyPost

I didn’t want to neglect the blog two weeks in a row but I’ll have to admit I’m feeling uninspired. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind with moving to Baltimore, and attending AmeriCorps VISTA orientation in Philadelphia just a few days after that. My bedroom is still not set up properly, I’m already a week into VISTA service, and it’s been two weeks of school already. I could possibly just be more overwhelmed than I am uninspired but I’ve tried to sit down with the book I write my blog posts in and, nada.


For those of you who work full time and or go to school and blog, how do you stay inspired? How do you juggle it all? Over the summer I had so much free time and I was just getting into scheduling everything. It was working too… until I had stuff to do lol. ย It could also be that I’m still trying to understand what direction my blog should be going in, IDK.

Then there’s the fact that sometimes trying to schedule a bunch of content feels forced. I didn’t start this blog with the intention of monetizing or anything of that nature. I wrote whenever I felt there was something to be said. So possibly I just don’t have anything I’m passionate enough about to speak on right now. It’s definitely an energy zapper to place all of my emotions into a blog post when I write one that comes from the depths of my brain crevices.


Maybe my mind is just cloudy with the details of life. I’ll be sure to catch up on all kinds of self-care next week as soon as that direct deposit hits.

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In the meantime, #Views from my new campus:


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26 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired: A #PersonalPattyPost

  1. I work full time and I just started this blogging, but so far managing it isn’t a problem yet. I don’t think you are uninspired, I think you just need a break to breathe like you said. And when it comes to writing I mostly just focus on issues within my generation, issues that I use to face or still face. I also sometimes get my ideas from social media or friends that need advice. Oh! And some of my blogs are scheduled so everything won’t be published at once and next you thing you know you haven’t posted a blog in awhile cause it’s nothing to talk about the moment. You can try that.

  2. I totally feel you about how draining blogging can be. If you write from your heart, you are really cutting a piece of it out and giving it to the universe. In July I think I only posted 3 blogs. In August I had resolved to blog three times a week. It didn’t work out as many well laid plans often don’t. I went through the entire cycle of feeling guilty and trying to get myself more inspired to blog more. My blog is about books so I requested a slew of advanced reading copies and was determined to force myself to do better.
    The problem I think was that I was beating myself up for really no reason. I know that the first rule of “successful” blogging is being consistent with posting but I forgot what my own definition of success was. I started my blog in order to improve my writing skills, to established something of an online presence, and to have somewhere to express my views, opinions, and feelings regarding my passion in life. If I made connections with others great, if I made money, even better; but that wasn’t the motivation in the beginning. I think that our definition of what success is has become so warped that if it isn’t bringing in money it must be a failed enterprise.
    I’m not trying to preach, I’m saying all of this because maybe it would help if you left some of the pressure to be ” successful” off and be okay with writing when you are inspired and not feeling bad when you aren’t. You have an amazing voice and I would hate for your authenticity to be compromised by trying to force it.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to leave this comment! I started blogging for the same exact reason as you, with a bit more emphasis on making connections. I appreciate the encouraging reminder in your comment to be organic.

      Also I’ve always admired book bloggers. i see you cranking out posts meanwhile I can barely get through books im desperate to read ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. I think it’s totally normal and possibly somewhat healthy to feel uninspired at times. I’m currently feeling the exact same way, but when I have moments where I feel extremely inspired I end up writing a lot which gives me a backlog but work to my benefit during periods like this because I don’t have to worry about uploads. But honestly, don’t force the feeling, take in the moment for what it is and take a break when you need to- what you’re going through now will inspire you once you have time to reflect properly. I LOVE your content, I wouldn’t want you to write for the sake of writing. Not that I’m the sole reason you blog lmao
    10000% agree with NIna above, define your version of success and keep it in the forefront of your mind!

  4. I relate to this very much, as I go through lots of periods where I’ll disappear from blogging when things come up, or I’m simply not feeling it. Don’t feel forced to upload I would say. When you feel inspired, write down as much as you can. When you’re not, take time to reflect. In that time, you may suddenly feel a spark and come up with more to discuss. Like Tisha says above, your content is great, and I think that the high quality of your writing comes out in each post. I think that those who enjoy reading your content will gravitate back to it no matter if posts are 1 day apart or 5 months apart.

    Your campus looks nice, and I hope that your AmeriCorps service is going well!

    • I appreciate that feedback so much!! And the second to last sentence. SUPER encouraging. Sometimes I think that’s part of it where all the “how to blog posts” are like STAY RELEVANT STAY RELEVANT, and are always saying not to fall off or your readership will. So that’s always nerve wracking. But I will certainly take my time with the process.

      Also, so far so good. I’m scared for Tuesday when I get back in the office, my exec. director is back from vacation and ish is about to get real lol.

  5. It is completely normal to have a period of blogger burnout where you feel uninspired or feel like giving up. I’ve been there. Trying to juggle it all is not for the faint at heart. However, once you determine the direction your blog is heading and mix it with what you are truly passionate about you will find your joy again. Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

  6. I know how you feel! I just started blogging AND then started a new job :/ it was hard to find the time to work and blog and just have time for myself!
    Now I blog as my way of relaxation. If it’s something you love to do, don’t think of it as a job but as a means to get away from your other life responsibilities ๐Ÿ™‚

    • For sure!! I mean, that was the whole reason so seek this kind of outlet. I still want it to be good and attract readers and all that. But ultimately, I want it to be a source of escape/brain dump for me.

  7. So true ! I just posted a new blog post today after 2 months . Life throws us curve balls and sometimes it’s hard to stay focus andas bloggers we never want to post crap just because we want to be consistent. Quality over quantity if ya ask me ! Great read

  8. You hit the nail on the head . I didn’t start my blog with the intentions of monetizing it was just something to help release when I’m passionate. Lately it’s been extremely hard to just post something for the sake of my blog not being inactive . The best way to stay inspired is to think of the people who may be going through something and write for them. Or I gather scenarios from those around me by listening to their problems or ideas and then i use the lesson that came from something I previously went through and I try to apply it to one of their situations to be sure that in posing genuine content that is both relatable and helpful

  9. I work full time. I started blogging this summer. I already know what kind of blog I want to have but the question of whether I want it to be more popular is something I wrestle in my head a lot. I would like to make money off of my blog but I don’t know how popular I want it to become. As far as writing posts go, I’m all over the place right now. Sometimes I write two blog posts a week, sometimes I write one, sometimes I don’t write for a few weeks. My goal is to become more organized and write posts on some kind of schedule. I’m working on it lol.

  10. Thanks for the life update! I always appreciate hearing about what you’re doing. I’ve honestly been feeling much the same way– just started my 2nd year of my grad program and I’m trying to stockpile ideas so that I can jump right in when I feel inspired, but homework and coffee chats and networking and meetings all seem to crowd in, being marked urgent and forcing themselves in front of what’s important, but not urgent. It’s definitely a balancing act, but I’m sure you’ll get it down!

  11. I can totally relate to this. I have always worked full time while blogging and it for sure can be draining. My favorite way to stay inspired is to get up from my desk and live my life. If you are so focused on creating content that it’s taking over your life, you aren’t really living. I also think it’s fine to scale back and focus on quality over quantity. A lot of bloggers who sell courses will tell you this that and the other about posting consistently and how many times a week you should post. What I have seen is that they are all full of it. If you post quality content once a week and promote the hell out of it you’ll see a ton of growth. It may not be as fast as if you post trendy trash every day but it will be sustainable and something you can be proud of in the long run.

    • I think what you’re saying is golden. I’ve told myself to start blocking out some of the noise from larger bloggers who have created these “fool proof” formulas for blogging success. One thing I get is that you have to pay attention to your audience. And if that is so, then I recognize a lot of their advice just doesn’t fit the type o audience I believe I have. It’s just too much. Plus I try to post from inspiration. There’s just no such thing as being inspired every day lol. Rarely have I created a post simply because a topic was hot. My post about the Usher situation was a spur of the moment thing. I was supposed to be leaving my house to go somewhere and I cancelled plans just to sit and write that post. There’s no formula for that.

  12. You will write when you feel like writing. Take this time to you need for yourself. Sometimes while I am just going about life something will pop in my head to write about without me even forcing it. When I have to force it, I feel like it is not right. Take care of you. The writing will come.

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