6 Tips for Self-Care on Campus

Campus stress is almost inevitable. But there are ways to anticipate it and alleviate it. I have a few suggestions on how to activate some self-care and regulate your mind while being on campus.

1. Get off campus

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Explore the world outside of your campus parameters for a change of pace. It’s easy to get frustrated with people you’re running into repeatedly, especially if you’re in a BSU or another cultural club (yall know what I’m getting at). Step outside of that and take in something that isn’t campus. Even if you just go to the movies.

2. Take care of your hair as regularly as possible


If you do your hair yourself, take a wash day to unwind. Deep condition and relax, clean, cook, catch up on shows, whatever you can do to be mildly productive without stress. When you’re done, you’ll be relaxed and will have gotten enhanced your day with productivity. Otherwise, everybody knows a barber or a kitchen beautician on campus. Neighboring salons and barbershops might also have student discounts. If you aren’t used to doing your hair yourself, try to patronize them. You don’t have to Beyoncé to the library to study, but feeling like you have it together can be enhanced by the smallest things. I’ve done a full face of makeup and wand curled my bundles just to go study. And I felt like a bad bihh while doing it. I stayed there longer than normal. People needed to see that I was cute.

3. If you’re a crammer:


Try to at least set the groundwork for your cram session in advance so you’re not having to start from scratch when you finally sit down to study or write that paper. I’m a procrastinator AND perfectionist, but I don’t prefer to cram.  I put off tasks because I want them to be perfect and I want to be in a space to generate that perfection. But then there are deadlines and all hell breaks loose. Since I know I have last minute tendencies, I try to tackle smaller tasks in advance. For example, creating flashcards was my go to study strategy. I created them in advance of actually sitting down to study. This way, if life came down to the night before I at least had them ready.  At times, taking a break from other work to make color coordinated flashcards was therapeutic.

4. For my introverts:

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Find a deserted place on campus to just “be”. Not just a quiet place, but a place where there is minimal foot traffic so the threat of having to converse with someone you know is almost a non-factor. College campuses are created for you to be around other people 24/7. We know how we feel about this (INFP here). Introverts can also get caught up in trying to fake the funk and socialize that we won’t realize until we are by ourselves again, how much we needed the alone time.

5. Connect with your kinfolk

In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, I felt the need to go back and add this piece into the post. While I know previous tips may suggest alone time for self-care. But for many who may enter hostile campuses in one way or another, having people you identify with to fall back on is important. You might wanna have a wash day with some other friends who also have full wash day regimens. Attend your campus cultural events. Just be around people who you identify with where you can be your true self once you take off the mask you wear on campus to go unnoticed.

6. Utilize campus psychological services


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Your tuition fees include the bill for these services. You’re paying for it, so utilize it. Even if you don’t see a long-term need for it, you never know when you’ll have a crazy moment and need to talk to someone about it. At Stony Brook U where I did undergrad, you could call a hotline and speak to somebody, even after the physical office closed. I know it’s much more popular on campus to express your despair than to get help, but don’t be that person. And be vocal about the kind of help you need.

Self-care on campus is linked to productivity. As opposed to simply “getting your mind right”, on campus you still need to be sure that you can produce as you are expected to. Solutions that don’t consider this may point to your need to remove yourself from the school environment altogether and take a semester off or something of that nature. But that’s a whole other beast. It’s the small things you consistently do that will allow you to be your best while on campus. When we ignore them, they pile up and become a monster that we can’t conquer on our own strengths.  Before you go back to school this Summer/Fall, consider how you will be sure to keep your self-care first.

What self-care tips would you add?


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10 thoughts on “6 Tips for Self-Care on Campus

  1. Great post with great tips as always! I laughed when you said you got your slay on to study, I often get my slay on when I know I’m about to do group work bc I tend to smile more when I have makeup on 😂I wear my emotions on my face, if I’m slaying, I’m smiling, nobody else in the group needs to know that they are driving me mad!

  2. Numbers 1 and 6 are SO important! I don’t know where I would be if I wasn’t able to escape campus during weekends, or if I did not utilize counseling services. That office quite literally saved my life.

    Connecting with kinfolk is important, and I don’t know how to say this as a tip, but I would also say to be mindful of how this is done especially at PWI’s. My thought would be that at places where minorities are very much in the minority that there would be more camaraderie. In my experience, this was a 50/50 gig. Some people were there to uplift each other and really just kick it and have a good time, but others? Not so much. This was of course also due to individual personalities.

    I would also suggest, as this is something I wish I was smarter about during undergrad: PROTECT YOUR ENERGY. I surrounded myself with individuals who were dealing with their own sh*t, but as a result were bitter and very guarded. This wasn’t my energy, but because of my own self-esteem things mixed with not wanting to have to go through the work of making new deep friends (introversion, kind of), I remained in this friendship even when our energy wasn’t the same. I was trying to be more open, talk to new people, and not be bitter. This person was not to some extent. I was also working on self-forgiveness, and trying to do better overall with not gossiping (no matter how small), and the like. These changes were not accepted. So, again, protect your energy. Don’t be afraid to move on from folks (gracefully) when your vibrations aren’t on the same level.

  3. I regret never using the last one. But honestly I went to a HBCU and we all know how we are about talking about mental health in our community. I didn’t even know while I was in undergrad that resource was accessible to us.

    Great tips!


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