Cut the BS: America has, and always will be this way

In another installment of a #randombutrelevant unplanned blog post, I feature the writing of Dwayne Moore, alumnus of Stony Brook University, Class of 2017. Alot to say and the words to say it:

“Like many other black people, I am mentally exhausted by the recent images we have all witnessed on the news. My plans were to just listen to some music and relax for the day, recharging my brain to deal with the world tomorrow. BUT I was irritated by the posts of so many people that I had to gather up the strength to write this. I want to make it clear for all those people who still have hope that America will love you and your blackness, or who believe that the events in Virginia this weekend do not reflect the “true” America. Simply, stop it, cut the shit, and sit down. America has never and will never love you, so stop trying. The Alt-Right, KKK, White Nationalist or whatever they want to call themselves have always represented the true United States and nothing has changed that fact.

The United States was truly built on the backs of slaves who were subject to the most grotesque treatment one can apply to a human being. If the United States really cared about black people, then why is it that the “founding fathers” as they call them, are so highly glorified when they were some of the most vitriolic filled humans in American history. They were sexist, racist bigots who owned slaves. They are responsible for creation and perpetuation of some of the most racist ideologies in America but yet, they are legends, untouchables in American history. What does that say about how much black people are really valued in America? Men who openly advocated for slavery are allowed to mock the mere reason black people are in this country, to begin with. Their faces are on textbooks, money and endless statues celebrating them on the same soil drenched in the blood of our ancestors. What does it mean when every politician so proudly references these men as “wise”, when these men had complete disregard for the lives of black people and would spit in my face today. Simply, they don’t care about you and never will.

Does it ever bother you that we have to constantly fight in this country just to establish that we are humans? Nothing in this country was given to black people. NOTHING. The ending of slavery had nothing to do with the humanity of it, but a chest thumping match between the North and the South. If it was really about the valuing black people as equal, then why weren’t slave owners forced to give back profits made to the slaves who technically earned it? Why were slave owners and slave enforcers not carted away to prison for their crimes against humanity? None of this happened because they never gave a fuck about us. In actuality, the slave owners were paid for their loss of “property” after the civil war.  Yes, the slave owners were paid reparations. Many of these companies and families that gained mass wealth off the backs of black people just moved on with their mass wealth with no penalties at all and are thriving till this day.

If the Alt-Right KKK really doesn’t represent America, then why is it that the oppressed always have to take responsibility to show their oppressor that they are oppressed? Why is it even a conversation? My life does not have time for a discussion. It is literally the difference between life and death. We have been bamboozled into being responsible to fix an issue we did not create and have no power in correcting. The fact that this country is proud that civil rights had to be fought for, should tell you all you need to know. We have lost count of how many black bodies have been brutalized and victimized in the process of trying to be equal. We are told to place significance on what White America considers an achievement for us, and completely remove the struggle in which created the outcome. This makes it easier to cover the white rage that continue to march against by celebrating the perceived achievement. The black bodies that suffered being yelled at, threatened, punched, kicked, sprayed with hoses, bitten by dogs, piped bombed, raped, tortured, hung, all become irrelevant when a white man with a pen signs a paper that acknowledges not our pain or struggle, but that it occurs. The Civil Rights Act simply acknowledged that racism occurs while holding no one responsible because to acknowledge the pain, the struggle, the trauma from it, is to do something that has never been done in this country. Even after the Civil Rights Movement was passed, the wealth gap between white and black families has gotten larger, approaching levels equal to the same disparity during Apartheid in South Africa.

The truth is, this country never cared about black people. What we fail to realize, is that this hatred has always been there. When we look outside of the major cities that only compile a small part of this country, the parts that are ignored by the national news channels, the parts you would not know exist or you only pass on the highway, the true hate that this country fostered never was eliminated, just held away from the spotlight. It does not surprise me that in the 21st century, white people with torches are verbally and physically inflicting pain on the black body because it never stopped. We have a prison system where slavery is legally allowed by the constitution that houses mostly black bodies. We have a health system that disproportionately neglects black bodies so much that black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die during birth than white women. We have a media that validates violence, especially violence inflicted on the black body. Every major institution has been allowed to discriminate and fail black people since the creation of this country. This country has always lived off the blood that spews from the many wounds we have suffered. Please do yourself a favor and cut the respectability politics BS out and call it for what it is. This country never loved us, never intended to, and never will.”


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6 thoughts on “Cut the BS: America has, and always will be this way

  1. This was beautifully and passionately written. The sad part is that there are so many marginalized groups, blacks included, who this person’s words would resonate with. America is more than racist. She is a bigot and a hypocrite and lacks any value that isn’t a dollar with a white face on it

  2. Nicely written and nice to know that not all of our young people have been fooled into believing that all is well! The images of a new, false normality are subliminally being pushed on us all by “happy” images of mixed race families in shows, commercials, etc. However…our most recent election and it’s result is a direct result of the underlying fact that racism is alive, well and flourishing in America! The events in Charlottesville are being deemed as racial but how is that the case when the fighting is “white-on-white”? Smokescreen anyone? The fighting is a direct result of an unwillingness of the alt-right, pro-white real America to let go of the memory of what was (and thereby the farfetched hope of what once again could be)…a black slave-driven country!! Thank you Dwayne for acknowledging that the foolers fool no one but themselves. #OGBeentheredonethat #neveragain

  3. This is excellently written, and very true. This country operates behind much smoke and mirrors. It isn’t going to change. As the author said, all one has to do is look at where America places its value to know that respect for humanity (especially Black humanity), is not at that core.

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