Plenty of Unworthy Fish and the 0:00 Challenge

Blogger Michaela at “A Dash of Michaela” posted a call to action after her recent blog post 0:00 More of Them, Less of Me. As soon as I read the challenge she posed, a lightbulb went off in my head. A draft post sat in my computer files for several weeks. Given the original title, Plenty of Unworthy Fish, I expected it to turn out to be a funny post. Instead, it quickly went down a different path once I started writing. Rarely do I have a title for a post before writing it, but this time I thought I knew exactly what I’d say. Once I finished the story, I put it on pause and wondered how it would fit on my blog.

Writing the post initially made me admit to things that I hadn’t previously acknowledged. Writing has a way of doing this to you. By the time I realize I’ve spilled tea on the page I’m in a groove. I want to say it’s a kind of coming of age story. In this story, I reflect on those things we have to feel to learn.

000 challenge: plenty of unworthy fish

Here’s a snippet from “Plenty of Unworthy Fish”:


“Initially, I was just way too friendly and had too many unknown numbers texting me in my phone and even after I saved the few I still had to ask myself out loud “which one is this”? I didn’t actually go on that many dates during that time because I still felt the need to sift em out and make sure I could stand having to step out of my introvert clothes and really converse with them outside of the safety of my iPhone… I ended up falling in love.”

The post is about online dating, falling in love, and being taken for granted (typical, maybe). Check out the post Plenty of Unworthy Fish on her blog.



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  1. I never have a title for my post! Sometimes I don’t even know what to write about until I start writing! Def have to go check out the other post

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