10 Twitter Accounts For Blackademics

Twitter has been key in connecting me with others like myself who are on this academic journey and keeping me up to speed with opportunities and events that interest me as an academic, black girl, and otherwise. I’ve made some great cyber homies through twitter, which works great for times when my introversion is at its peak activation. I appreciate making connections on my terms, without always having to activate my “I swear I’m friendly” face. Also, Twitter chats are #church. So many Amens to go around

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The gems dropped on Twitter have often become the inspiration for blog posts, helped some papers get written, and have renewed my purpose for this journey. So check out these online communities for your personal journey:

1. @firstgendocs

First Gen Docs logo

Twitter bio: “AFFIRMING the experiences, AMPLIFYING the voices, and CELEBRATING the brilliance of First Generation Doctoral Students!”

Last week I participated in my first Twitter chat via First Gen Docs. It was great to interact with those who were in similar positions as myself being a first generation doctoral student. One of the questions asked was: What do you wish you had known about your institution prior to becoming a doctoral student? Click here for that tea.

2. @CiteASista

Cite a Sista logo

Twitter bio: “An #saUGA411 project designed to disrupt #WhiteSupremacy & WhiteFeminism, +&+ center Black women. Founders @Ms_BMWilliams & Dr. @Joan_Nicole

Taken from the “About” section on their website: “we recognize the placement of this movement as part of a long lineage of Black women supporting Black women– a form of Community Cultural Wealth. Accordingly, we view #CiteASista and CiteASista.com as spaces to provide encouragement for Black women to not only name the ways we actively resist against silencing of our bodies and voices, but to also show what we can do after naming these experiences. For these reasons and more, Cite A Sista functions not only as a digital counterspace, but as a lifestyle and movement.

I participated in the #443chat with Candice Benbow that got the wheels turning and inspired my recent post about The Church, Black Women, and Forgiveness Indoctrination


3. Your favorite University Press

@RutgersUPress Currently has a 30% off sale going with free shipping in the United States.

Many of them also have blogs and mailing lists where you can keep up with what’s being newly printed, sales/promotions, etc.

4. @insidehighered

Inside higher ed logo

Twitter bio: “Higher Education news, jobs, and more. Daily, online, free. DM us w/your news & tips”

I’m actually also subscribed to their email newsletter so I get Higher Ed tea delivered to my inbox.  I actually just read a very interesting article about how black women are overrepresented in for-profit graduate schools. If you don’t want to have emails pouring into your inbox, their twitter feed stays up to date with the articles that can be found on their website.


5. @WriteThatPhD


Twitter bio: “Resources to help you ‘write that PhD’ (or assist someone else to make progress with theirs).

Recent tweets include:

  • Submitting and publishing an academic journal article: what novices need to know
  • Be a more productive & prolific academic writer: 10 secrets from successful authors
  • Structuring an academic argument in a PhD, masters thesis, or journal article
  • How good is your academic writing? 10 key elements it should contain


6. @wellreadblackgirl

Well Read Black Girl logo

Twitter bio: #WellReadBlackGirl is a book club based in Brooklyn & newsletter created by @guidetoglo. WRBG celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature & sisterhood

Because we all need to stay on top of the lit. Recent posts on her website include an interview with Gabourey Sidibe on her book This is Just my Face and there is an upcoming WRBG Festival planned for this September. Black literature is out here saving lives and inspiring dreams. I myself is aspiring to be well read this summer


7. @sisterphd

SisterPhD logo

Twitter bio: An online community by and for Black women in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Website: sisterphd.com

About:  #SisterPhD began almost 2 years ago as a supportive community of 5 Black women who were beginning their doctoral journeys in higher education and student affairs graduate programs. We presented on our experiences as Black women navigating academia at NASPA and ACPA in March 2016 and were overwhelmed by the response. We’ve decided to expand our reach by creating an online space for more women to connect. We are particularly interested in supporting Black women who work in higher education and student affairs, but welcome Sisters from other disciplines and fields of study.

You can also find tweets about funding opportunities and conferences, and position announcements


8. Twitter Accounts of  Professional Organizations in Your Discipline

For example: Black studies departments, Black studies organizations, Women’s studies orgs, Higher Ed organizations. Listen, everybody is on twitter these days. Discovering new hashtags have put me on to new organizations. Many a tweet about a pending conference and upcoming CFP deadline have put me on as well. And should you have any questions, it’s easy to slide in the DMs for clarification. Some national organizations I follow that hold annual conferences and have active Twitter accounts: Black Doctoral Network , American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE),  Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH)


9. Follow People Who Are Doing What You Aspire to be Doing in the Future

If you wanna be a music mogul, I can probably guess who you’re following on social media. This applies to everything. If you want to teach at the university level, follow people who are doing just that. For another benefit, sometimes you can engage them in conversation with a simple “@”, quicker than trying to infiltrate their emails. Similar to meeting people at conferences, twitter is a kind of live interaction. Don’t let anyone allow you to believe that you cannot begin to foster relationships from Twitter. You can schmooze anywhere, kay?

Note: Please don’t think I mean to stalk your actual and current Professors on Twitter to ask them if looked at your recommendation letter yet… please…


10. @Doit4theBlkgrls (aka the BoujeeRatchademic)

My Twitter

You didn’t HONESTLY think I was going to make this list without sliding myself into this, did you? I pretty much regurgitate my thoughts into strings of 140 characters that I think tickle the masses from time to time. Plus, how far can I really go if I don’t constantly surround myself with #BlackTwitter family on the regular.

C’mon cousins, let’s chat.







17 thoughts on “10 Twitter Accounts For Blackademics

  1. You listed some very interesting twitter accounts that I will have to look into following. It reminded me that twitter is still active and very much a useful source for information and networking. P.S. I can totally relate to the “I swear I’m friendly face”. LOL!

  2. Such an interesting post! Up until now I never really considered using Twitter as a means of networking or connecting with people in my field, I only used it for entertainment. But this has definitely made me think more about opportunities I could be missing out on. Great list!

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