Starting Over: Renewed Faith, #PersonalPattyPost

I’ve been MIA from any blog stuff for the past several weeks and there’s an explanation. I promise. It’s not necessarily for a lack of motivation. Quite the opposite. I’ve just been swamped between getting a second job, good news, drama, and mental re-calibration.

Where to begin?

Good news: I’ve been accepted into a new PhD program. After barely getting my neck out of the semester, all my energies are being channeled into the moves I need to make to have that be a seamless transition. In the hours before I received that letter I was telling my bf I was essentially quitting school with the goal of having a cute 9-5 and some cute benefits to go with it. Because, healthcare. The investment I made in school had become too painful in comparison to what I was [not] getting out of it. I was also coming off the heels of an emotional meeting in my department that essentially was fruitless: says my big baby tears in a room full of strangers and some rude words that followed in an email by a faculty member. It was a truly embarrassing moment in my life in that room considering that I not too long ago wrote about my issues with being vulnerable.

I’d never felt so distant from my own people in my entire life.

I truly value this opportunity God has granted me to wipe the slate clean and still be great in the ways I had previously imagined I would be. This concludes this chapter of my life. Waiting on that midnight train outta Georgia. My regularly scheduled posting program will be continued in just a few minutes.

Edit: Also. Thank you to those who were reading old posts even when I was posting nada. It was encouraging.



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