Boujee Ratchademic Explained.

As the title of this blog suggests, my goal is to be as Boujee, Ratchet, and Intellectual as life will allow me to be. “Boujee” here not to be mixed with “Bourgeois”, as it would be a highly inaccurate representation of my socioeconomic status. I’m as frugal and common as I am nitpicky and scornful, and navigating that turns into a hybrid of sorts from which I derive my personal definition of Boujee.

To those of yall who think one must be woke 24/7/365. Get some rest.


A status from my Facebook memories:

“Just an fyi. Try not to judge me too hard off my social media accounts. I’m super woke and I spend several hours a day being politically correct and discussing important aspects of life and current events with students/peers/faculty. So please don’t expect me to come onto social media and preach social justice 24/7. Sometimes I let it all hang out, especially on Snapchat (insert mischievous face here). If a booty pop pic makes you uncomfortable please refrain from my Instagram. Allow me to be a black girl with many talents, please. Thanks.”

“One does not simply fight the power all day without a swig of water. In my case, a margarita but that’s another story for another time.”


As I read this a year later, it revitalized my initiative to practice self-care in whatever form that may take for me. Sometimes it involves me not engaging triggering topics on social media, especially with some of the toxic commentary many are inclined to make. So for my own personal reasons, my personal Facebook page is not a timeline of “fight the power”. Some part of my life has to be carved out for me alone without an obligatory subscription to showcasing a struggle.

I’d hope that at this point in 2017 I wouldn’t have to explain ratchet to anyone. However, I’d like to be clear about the fact that this is not just a casual label I apply when that intro to “No Hands” comes on in the party. I literally embrace every aspect of my life that society ascribes to that ratchet black woman type. I proudly wear a “so what” pride in whatever “ratchet” activities I may choose to engage in. It’s also an expression of my support for those who engage in the same activities but don’t have any letters behind their name to perhaps balance it out. Believe it or not, that is mostly for the black community. For those who tend to vilify ratchet more than

Believe it or not, that is mostly for the black community.


It’s for those who tend to vilify ratchet more than wypipo have the energy to do. It’s for those who want me to appear respectable to those who probably don’t respect me regardless.

And lastly: Intellectual/Academic, which I use interchangeably to describe me and my stake within the ivory tower. That part should be straightforward, however, when thinking of me as an academic, I want my identity as a black woman to be inextricably linked to that designation. I know there are those who don’t like descriptors such as “black writer”, but with my research being so tied to my identity I don’t have the option of such distinctions.

The Boujee Ratchademic




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